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Networked Audio Track At 137th AES Convention To Explore Broadening Applications

Dedicated workshops and tutorials will cover new developments and technology deployment in networked audio for system integration, live sound, recording and more

By PSW Staff August 13, 2014

Tim Shuttleworth, chair of the networked audio track at AES137, coming up in LA

Networked audio is set to take center stage at the upcoming 137th Audio Engineering Society (AES) Convention, with a series of workshops, tutorials and special sessions focused on the latest developments in audio networking technology, standards and practices.

Scheduled for Thursday, October 9, through Sunday, October 12, 2014, at the Los Angeles Convention Center, the AES137 Convention will present a dedicated networked audio track, offering a set of presentations and professional opportunities dealing with the latest developments and technologies in networked audio, as well as applications for system integration, live sound, recording, broadcast, and more. 

Chaired by Tim Shuttleworth, a noted networked audio engineer and the engineering manager at Renkus-Heinz, the networked audio track will explore the ever-broadening applications of digital audio on local and wider area networks.

From audio-over-IP used across continents in the broadcast sector, to super-low-latency audio transfer in the studio environment, to low-latency systems for live sound reinforcement in fixed installations and touring systems, the medium of choice is increasingly a high performance Ethernet/TCP/IP network.

Workshops and tutorials will cover the history of audio networking as well as leading-edge developments, with session titles including “Using AES67 Networking — Practical issues in AES67 Deployment,” “Software Tools for Telematic Performances,” “Large Scale AVB Networks/AVDECC Control,” “Implementation of a Large Scale Ethernet AVB Audio Network at ESPN,” and “Using Audio Content Over IP Technology in Public Radio.”

Additionally the AES convention will play host to a Telematic performance linking Los Angeles, Montreal and Stanford University in a showcase featuring live, interconnected performances with musicians across time zones geographical locations. 

Shuttleworth states, “We have continued to grow the networked audio portion of the convention this year, and expect really great participations from our presenters and attendees. One of the popular topics at this convention will be the deployment and performance verification for AES67 standard-based Layer 3 systems, as well as the implementation of Ethernet AVB in cars, recording, and broadcast studios.

“Developments in standardized command and control protocols will also be highlighted,” he continues, “as well as a multi-site live performance in which the musicians collaborate across time zones and countries over internet connections, which will showcase the capabilities and limitations of a disseminated ensemble concert.” 

Further detailed information on the networked audio track at the AES137 convention, as well as registration, hotel, and technical program formation, are available at

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